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Bee fish swish their tails as they look at sunflowers.

Give in to the senses-step into the Room for All Senses!

Give in to the senses - step into the Room for All Senses!

In the renewed permanent exhibition of The Craft Museum of Finland there is one room called Room for All Senses. There you can observe and try objects with all senses. Museum objects are at their best portals to our past. By observing objects from the past with different senses we can also sense and interpret this moment better. The objects in the room are not from the collection of the museum but they have been purchased from flea markets and artisans.

Sense of sight
Do the objects awaken memories?
Look at the objects closer and from distance! Do you notice something new?

Sense of hearing
Listen to the objects - do they sound familiar?
Do you recognise the tools from their sounds?

Sense of smell
Smell! Do you remember places, moments or people?
Sense of taste
Taste! Is the taste familiar?

Sense of touch
Feel the objects shape, thickness and weight with your hands.
How does your cheek sense the warmth and surface of the object?
Does the object cause pleasure or pain?

Sense of posture
Try on the clothes! Does it feel nice?
Walk in someone elses shoes! Does your posture change?

More information:
The Craft Museum of Finland
puh. +35814 26 64370

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