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Conference on accessibility at exhibitions-Uppsala 14-15 May 2009

Accessibility and discussions in that field have in recent years been a great priority in many museums. The emphasis has been on physical accessibility, such as thresholds and size of texts. In later years, the focus has also been on social, economical and cognitive accessibility. Accessibility at museums focuses on their role in our society; museums are places where everybody should be welcome. Therefore it can be said that accessibility is a matter of democracy. Museums have to meet those new demands and take a renewed look on exhibitions and the educational aspect.

Be welcome to join and contribute to a seminar aiming to develop the accessibility in exhibitions.

The conference is arranged in collaboration between the following: Upplands museum, Bohusläns museum/Västarvet, the Nordic Museum's Accessibility Network, Länsmuseer, Riksutställningar and Handisam.

Last sign up date: 21st April 2009
Fee incl. dinner: 900 SEK
Registration: www.riksutstallningar.se/lyftblicken
Lectures and workshops will be held in English if not mentioned otherwise in the programme.

More information: Tuula Autio, Upplandsmuseet, tel. 0704-099562, tuula.autio@upplandsmuseet.se


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