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Teacher training in DanceAbility dance method

DanceAbility is a dance method accessible to all people. Classes focus
on improvisation and creative movement and are designed to be inclusive of all people. As dancers gain experience, they can also move into choreography that celebrates individuality and relationships. The founder of DanceAbility is the American choreographer and artistic director of DanceAbility International Alito Alessi.

There are now over 300 certified DanceAbility teachers in the world, some of them with a disability. In the summer 2009, Alito Alessi will finally bring the teacher training to Finland. Together DanceAbility Finland and DanceAbility International will organize the first Teacher Certification course in Northern Europe. The training will be held in Helsinki June 28th - July 24th 2009.

DanceAbility Teacher Certificate is aimed for people who are interested in teaching integrated dance or learning a method to lead different communities towards accessibility, equality and tolerance. During the course we will learn specific teaching
methods and techniques but without strict rules. The approach to the exercises is lively, which enables an individual way to move and interpret movement for each person and for each group. The course focuses on how to work with different kinds of integrated dance groups (mixed-ability groups), how to adapt the teaching suitable for each participant, how to work with big and small groups and how to make performances.


Practical information:

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Time: June 29th - July 24th 2009, Mon - Fri from 10am to 5pm. The course will start on Sunday June 28th in the afternoon with info session about the structure,
principles and practicalities of the course. Attending this info session is highly recommended. Only full-time participation at the course Is accepted.
Organizers: DanceAbility Finland and DanceAbility
Teacher: Alito Alessi (USA)
Language: English (possibly Finnish translation)
Price: 1.300 Euros. Including teaching, DanceAbility Teacher´s Manual written by Alito Alessi, a detailed written documentation of the course and the course video.
Applications: Apply by filling the application form .
Deadline for application is April 30th 2009. You must confirm your attendance by paying 500 Euros of the course fee by May 15th 2009.
Selection and cancellation: Participants to the course will be accepted by Alito Alessi and a person from DanceAbility Finland and will be informed by e-mail in 2 weeks after the arrive of the application. Participation must be confirmed one week
after that. Application can be cancelled one month before the course
starts, e.g. by May 28th 2009. After this confirmation payment will be paid back only by separate, written application to DanceAbility Finland (force majeure).
Accommodation: Each student is has to pay their own accommodation. DanceAbility Finland will help in finding affordable accommodation.

More information and the application form: http://www.danceabilityfinland.com/ENGLISH.php


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