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Website BYGG FOR ALLE opened on 21 August 2008

Norwegian Statsbygg has annouced that the website www.byggforalle.no was officially opened on August 21st by the Minister of Government Administration and Reform, Heidi Grande Røys.

The opening took place at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, which is one of the nearly three hundred buildings featured on the "Bygg for alle" website.

Please visit "Bygg for alle", and any comments you may have will be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail at: byggforalle@statsbygg.no



Kirsten Lindberg, Head of the Secretariat
Mai Anh Thi Lê, Property Management Senior Engineer

Tel: 815 55 045
email: postmottak@statsbygg.no 
Visiting address: Stenberggt. 25, Oslo
P.b. 8106 Dep. N-0032 Oslo


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