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Art Museum Theme Days 2008 about art museums and diversity (at Ateneum 7-8 February 2008)


Theme 08 will take place at the Ateneum Art Museum on 7-8 February 2008, under the heading ‘Art museums and diversity´. The two days will be dedicated to discussing the wide field of cultural diversity through concepts, theory and real-life experiences.

Multicultural society provides museums with an opportunity to reassess their tasks and critically review the basic structures of our culture. How is diversity acknowledged in a museum´s activities? What is the relationship between cultural diversity and the identity constructed on national cultural heritage?

In cooperation with the British Council, the Art Museum Development Department has invited Professor Baroness Lola Young as the keynote speaker. Baroness Young is one of the foremost experts on cultural diversity in the UK. She has served as Professor of Cultural Studies at Middlesex University and was created a life peer in 2004 for her accomplishments in promoting multiculturalism. ¨

Multiculturalism and questions of diversity have been strongly emphasised in the activities of many Finnish museums. Some of these activities are presented during the Theme Days and on the Theme 08 website.

The programme of Theme 08 will hopefully elicit lively debate, generate new ideas and make us all think about the cultural interfaces from a new perspective.

The Theme Days 08 comprise some of the events of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue.


Registration and more information: http://www.fng.fi/fng/rootnew/fi/kehys/teema08/en/registration.htm

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