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Rita Paqvalén

Rita Paqvalén

Rita Paqvalén is a PhD. in literature (University of Helsinki). Rita has worked as festival organizer, journalist, museum guide, Production Coordinator at Turku European Cultural Capital project 2011, university researcher and university lecturer. She has published texts and books about for example cultural history, theatre, literature and queer culture. Rita is the Executive Director of Culture for All and she specializes in diversity, especially to issues regarding gender and sexual minorities. 

Tel. 040 674 3528 (Country code +358)

Rita is on writing leave until the end of March 2021. 

Mira Haataja Mira Haataja 

Mira Haataja has a master's degree in social science (M.Soc.Sc) in sociology in University of Helsinki. In addition, she has studied communications, cultural anthropology and social psychology, among others. Mira has a degree as a registrated nurse in psychiatric care (HSO) and long work experience in psychiatric nursing. Mira is familiar with, among other things, economic and social accessibility, cultural well-being and the promotion of health and well-being, as well as diversity issues. Mira works in the Culture for All Service as an expert in the Kaikukortti support and development service. Mira worked as deputy project manager for the Kaikukortti Kaikuu -project. Mira is currently working as a deputy Executive Director of Culture for All Service (from April 27, 2020 to March 31, 2021). 

Tel. +358 040 213 6339 (Country code +358)

Maija KarhunenMaija Karhunen

Maija Karhunen works as a project coordinator in Culture for All’s kickstart project to develop mentorship models for disabled artists. Maija has a background as a freelance dancer and performer, she has worked in several dance, theatre and performance art works both in Finland and around Europe. Maija has studied dance and choreography in Finland, the Netherlands and Germany. Maija has also studied communication and art studies in the University of Helsinki and worked in the fields of art writing and journalism. Maija is involved in organisations by disabled people, with a special interest in disabled women’s issues. Maija works in Culture for All from March until September 2020.


Tel. 040 188 3538 (country code +358)

Aura Linnapuomi Aura Linnapuomi

Aura Linnapuomi has studied art administration (Master of Music / Sibelius Academy), business economy (BBA/Haaga Helia), film and TV studies (University of Helsinki) and international production (Stadia). She has worked as a producer of children’s music theatre group and planner, and has also experience on facilitating and developing the museum field. In Culture for All, Aura works with accessibility surveys, trainings and different projects which aim to develop the accessibility of cultural services. In 2014-2019 Aura was the Project Leader of Culture Passport pilot project (Kulttuuripassin pilotointihanke), Culture Passport follow-up project (Kulttuuripassin jatkohanke), and the Kaikukortti kaikuu project. She has also been the Deputy Executive Director of Culture for All in 2019-2020. 


Tel. 040 931 0576 (Country code +358)

Aura is on maternity leave starting on 27.4.2020.

Seppo Mallenius

Seppo Mallenius

Seppo Mallenius works as project manager in the Kaikukortti kaikuu project within Culture for All Service. He has overall responsibility of the project as well as nationwide digitalization of Kaikukortti. Seppo has Master’s degrees in Computer Science (Helsinki University) and also in Economics (Helsinki School of Economics). During his career, he has worked in versatile educational, business process development, IT planning and project management positions both in the private and public sectors. 


tel. 040 554 4321 (country code +358)

Marjo Oja-Kaukola.

Marjo Oja-Kaukola

Marjo Oja-Kaukola works at the Culture for All Service until the end of 2020 in the Kaikukortti support and development service. Her duty as a Project Coordinator is supporting localities to pilot Kaikukortti and to maintain Kaikukortti activities. Marjo has Master of Arts (MA) in Finnish language (University of Tampere). She has also studied Finnish Literature, General Ethnology and Ethnomusicology. During her career Marjo has worked in marketing and communication and as a team manager. Her last post before Culture for All was as a team manager of communication at a work rehabilitation unit. 


Tel. 040 669 6544 (Country code +358)

Marjo Rasinkangas

Marjo Rasinkangas

Marjo Rasinkangas works as cleaner and office assistant at Culture for All. 

Outi Salonlahti Outi Salonlahti

Outi Salonlahti is Master of Social Sciences (University of Jyväskylä) and has also Bachelor’s degree in cultural management (Humak University of Applied Sciences). Outi has studied cultural policy and has also familiarised herself with disability studies. She explored the opportunities of disabled and Deaf artists in her master’s thesis. In the past Outi has worked as a production assistant in for example small cultural associations, free theatre companies, events and in culture production company. At Culture for All Outi works with accessibility surveys, trainings and also projects developing the equality of the art and culture field.


Tel. 040 963 9908 (Country code +358)

Sari Salovaara

Sari Salovaara has MA in Art Education (University of Jyväskylä) and a Professional Development Degree in Cultural Management (Theatre Academy). She has been involved in the disability rights movement and also involved on a national level with policymaking promoting equality and equity. She has had various positions in the field of art and written about accessibility and inclusion. As a Senior Specialist for Culture for All her work is about helping the arts field to create equal opportunities and inclusion. This is done by creating information material, doing consulting, taking part in working groups, doing audits etc. Her passion is especially in both recognizing and dismantling the structures that create obstacles for disabled people. 


Tel. 040 931 3958 (Country code +358)

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