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Tatiana Solovieva

Areas of expertise: contemporary art and cultural event production, cross-disciplinary connections, art exchange, community and public engagement, multilingualism, art management

Languages: Russian, English, Finnish, Spanish

Contact: tatiana_solo(a)hotmail.com

Tatiana Solovieva is a humanist and cultural producer actively involved in diversity and multicultural actions, migrant inclusion and cultural equity in the arts and culture sector. Especially she is interested in projects aimed at developing a new, innovative and creative approach to promote diversity and intercultural dialogue as well as developing strategic collaboration between local cultural institutions and different immigrant associations and their communities. Tatiana is an active member of Catalysti Ry, the association of transcultural artists living and working in Finland. As an event and project producer she gives support to artists and helps them achieve their dreams. Sometimes she dreams too.

Photo credits: Victor X

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