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Passed projects

  • Finland 100 – In Rainbow colors

    Finland 100 – In Rainbow Colors is a culture, art and information project with the aim of raising awareness on the history of sexual and gender minorities (LGBTIQ) as part of the national narrative of an independent Finland.  The project collects new information about the everyday life and history of LGBTIQ minorities and highlights current art and culture produced with a queer perspective.
  • Culture - Inclusion - Participation

    Culture for All participates in a learning partnership "Culture - Inclusion - Participation" in 2013-2014. The project is financed by the Grundtvig programme of adult education, which is part of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union.

  • Multilingualism and diversity as a resource in the cultural field

    The project Multilingualism and diversity as a resource in the cultural field – employment and integration through literature in the Nordic Countries (2016-2018) worked in the area of multilingual literature. The project supported the inclusion of non-dominant language literature in the Nordic literary field from the point of view of both authors and readers.

  • The Forum of Equality in Culture

    The Culture for All Service organizes every third year a forum on a specific theme for discussing questions concerning culture and equality. The first one is The Forum of Equality in Culture: Accessibility 3.0 and it will be arranged 2-4.11.2016.

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